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Jackie Saleep: Pioneering Mobile Veterinary Care - From Egypt to Wesley Chapel, Navigating Family, Pets, and the Heartbeat of Home-Based Veterinary Therapy

Jackie Saleep: Pioneering Mobile Veterinary Care - From Egypt to Wesley Chapel, Navigating Family, Pets, and the Heartbeat of Home-Based Veterinary Therapy

June 13, 20242 min read

Ever wondered how a mobile veterinary service can make a world of difference for you and your furry friends? Today's episode of the Good Neighbor Podcast brings you an enlightening conversation with Jackie Saleep, the owner and veterinarian of Good Karma Veterinary Therapy. Jackie reveals the incredible benefits of conducting pet appointments in various locations, reducing anxiety for pets and enhancing convenience for owners. Discover how Jackie's practice serves the Wesley Chapel and East Pasco areas, with occasional trips to Sarasota, and hear about the seamless business partnership she shares with her husband, balancing their unique styles in veterinary care.

What’s it like to start fresh in a new country with three young children and a house full of pets? Jackie takes us on her journey from Egypt to Miami, finally finding a family-friendly haven in Wesley Chapel. She shares candid stories about the challenges of uprooting her family, juggling a dynamic household with three kids, three cats, and two Italian greyhounds, and even rescuing a retired racing greyhound during a Mardi Gras trip. Get a glimpse into the lively Salup household, where career, family, and pet ownership coexist in a bustling, heartwarming symphony.

The episode also tackles the often-overlooked challenges in veterinary medicine, from combating burnout to navigating the emotional terrain of end-of-life care for pets. Jackie opens up about the pressures vets face and the misconceptions surrounding mobile veterinary services. Learn about the unique value of personalized, home-based care and how it enhances the bond between vets and pet owners. Plus, hear intriguing comparisons between pet care in the U.S. and Egypt, covering everything from pet insurance to international travel with pets. This episode is a must-listen for pet owners and animal lovers seeking a deeper understanding of the veterinary world.

We are mobile veterinarians providing veterinary services in Wesley Chapel and the surrounding areas. We perform wellness exams, vaccines, acupuncture, laser therapy, euthanasia and more! We are by appointment only and we do not perform dentals or surgeries. In case of emergency, please visit your local ER for immediate assistance.


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