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Janice Pratt: Crafting Brand Harmony and Supporting Local Gems, from Proforma's Marketing Alchemy to Culinary Comparisons

May 03, 20241 min read

Step into the world of seamless branding and local business support as we sit down with Janice Pratt, the esteemed president and owner of Proforma. With her at the helm, Proforma is a beacon of tailored business solutions, offering everything from promotional products to personalized apparel. In our enlightening conversation, Janice unveils the power behind Proforma's large buying capacity and the art of pairing clients with the perfect vendors. As a champion for local enterprises, she also shares the value of complimentary pickup and delivery— a testament to Proforma's community spirit.

Shift your aprons and tune in for a delectable discussion on the parallels between the marketing craft and culinary arts. I, Mike Sedita, share my kitchen escapades, drawing a delicious comparison between decorators in marketing—those artisans who bring designs to life on fabric—and chefs selecting the perfect blend of flavors. Our guest's journey from corporate life at Chase to flourishing franchise ownership offers an inspiring taste of entrepreneurship. Plus, don't miss the relatable yarns on cooking mishaps and the common quest of adjusting beloved recipes to fit just right at home. Join us for a flavorful mix of professional insights and personal stories, all baked into one hearty podcast episode.

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