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Episode 134 Adam Parks

January 31, 20241 min read

From the bustling cityscape of Chicago to the sunny shores of Tampa, Adam Parks' journey is a captivating tale of resilience and reinvention. As the president and financial advisor of Trinity Wealth Management, Adam joins us on the Good Neighbor podcast to reveal how personal tribulations during the 2008 financial crisis fueled his passion for helping others navigate their financial futures. His inspiring commitment to service shines through as we discuss his pro bono work with veterans and first responders, honoring his military roots and offering a guiding hand to those who've dedicated their lives to protecting ours.

Throughout our engaging conversation, we unravel the complexities of financial planning for high net-worth individuals, the changing landscape of retirement, and why financial literacy is a critical tool for empowerment across all generations. Adam and I dissect the multifaceted world of tax law adaptation, highlighting the importance of a comprehensive approach that seamlessly integrates investment, insurance, legal, and tax advice. Tune in to discover why breaking down the barriers to open discussions about money is not only necessary but can lead to a more financially savvy and secure society.

Trinity Wealth Management offers complimentary portfolio reviews and advice for people who want to take control of their financial planning journey. We provide our clients with a personal, one on one relationship with a Financial Advisor and offer access to hundreds of professional asset managers and the latest technology.  
Our Advisors subscribe to the promise of acting in a Fiduciary capacity when working for our clients and always putting the clients needs above all else.  With a team approach to planning, we review every case to make sure all of our clients needs are addressed.


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