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Wendy Long: Crafting Childhood Enchantment at LaDee-Da Kids Spa, From Spa Parties to Franchising Dreams and Seaside Serenity

May 06, 20241 min read

Step into the whimsical world of LaDee-Da Kids Spa with Wendy Long, the visionary who's transforming the way kids celebrate and unwind. Our latest episode offers a delightful peek behind the curtain of a business that brings joy to children through spa services and enchanting parties. Wendy is not just the accomplished owner of this sprightly haven; she's also a juggler of life's joys and challenges, balancing the demands of her growing enterprise with a love for leisurely pastimes by the sunny shores of Dunedin.

From the logistics of crafting memorable celebrations complete with local bakers to the strategic dance of franchising her unique concept, Wendy unfolds the story of LaDee-Da's expansion with the same charm and care that she uses to create a magical experience for her clientele. This heartwarming discussion is an uplifting journey that reveals the tenacity and creativity required to thrive in the business of making childhood dreams come true, all while maintaining a harmonious personal life. Join us to discover how Wendy orchestrates this symphony of smiles, spa treatments, and the occasional pickleball match.

A full service spa, salon & party center for kids!  Staffed by licensed Cosmetologists and ready to ensure your children receive the ROYAL TREATMENT!

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