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Dr. Anilda Ortiz: Revolutionizing Primary Care with Holistic Health

February 06, 20242 min read

Imagine a world where your doctor knows you, not just your medical chart. That's the reality Dr. Anilda Ortiz is creating at Advanced Optimal Healthcare, where she marries traditional medicine with a holistic approach. In our latest Good Neighbor podcast episode, Dr. Ortiz, a pioneer of concierge-style primary care, shares her philosophy on wellness and prevention. She discusses the importance of understanding individual health on a deeper level, where same-day appointments and direct doctor access aren't luxuries—they're standard. As she explains the tailored health plans she crafts for her patients, it's clear that her clinic is changing the game in patient care.

In an intimate look at the person behind the prescription pad, Dr. Ortiz walks us through her journey from nurturing child to family medicine powerhouse. Her personal evolution shines a light on the broader transformation of the Tampa Bay area's healthcare landscape. Together, we tackle the hurdles of altering patient mindsets to appreciate the value in regular health maintenance, aiming to prevent rather than just cure. Dr. Ortiz's passion for her work and her patients is infectious, inspiring a conversation that underscores the pivotal role of proactive healthcare in our lives.

As we wrap up, our conversation shifts from professional insights to the enriching experiences of community engagement. I take a moment to express my gratitude to Dr. Ortiz for not only gracing our podcast but for being an extraordinary influence in the neighborhood. It's a powerful reminder of the deep impact personal connections can have, and how threads of community weave through our conversations, shaping our wellbeing far beyond the clinic walls. Join us on this episode of the Good Neighbor podcast, where we celebrate the profound effects of compassion, commitment, and community.

Advanced Optimal Healthcare is a Primary Care Wellness Clinic focused on treating the whole person through wellness, prevention and medical care. At Advanced Optimal Healthcare we put the needs of every patient first and are here to help our patients achieve their health and wellness goals with our primary care and wellness services. 
Our affordable membership based model, known as Direct Primary Care (DPC), allows us to create a personal relationship with each of our patients. We focus on spending time with our patients and understanding their health and wellness goals by providing same day or next day appointments, no waiting in our waiting room, extended time with our provider and access when and where they need it via phone, text and email. 
At Advanced Optimal Healthcare, our job is not only to take care of our patients when they are sick or managing their medical conditions but also to keep them healthy and prevent sickness. Wellness is our top priority!
Along with the primary care services we provide we also offer wellness services such as: 
IV Hydration, Vitamin Therapy,
Hormone Therapy and a Medical Weight Loss Program.


Mike Sedita

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