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Jeanine McLeod: Capturing Childhood's Ephemeral Joy - A Photographic Journey from Engineering to Embracing the Clicks and Giggles of Life's Candid Moments

May 09, 20242 min read

Has capturing the fleeting moments of childhood ever tickled your fancy? You'll be delighted by my guest, Jeanine McLeod of Cloud9 Studios, who joins me on a journey through the lens, snapping the pure joy and innocence of the little ones. We exchange tales of Wesley Chapel's transformation, the same soil that sprouted Jeanine's haven for family memories. You'll also get a sneak peek into the Good Neighbor Podcast's exciting expansion, blooming from local curiosity to national treasure.

Strap in for a candid chat about life's unexpected detours; after all, who hasn't considered a change of pace in the quest for balance? Jeanine shares how she traded the white-knuckle ride of wedding photography for a playground of giggles and whimsy. Meanwhile, I unwind the microphone cord and take a detour into my personal decompression tactics, striking chords at concerts and rooting for the underdogs in sports arenas. Tune in for a symphony of stories, from Jeanine's click to my cheers, where passions intersect with dreams, and the shutter of life captures its most candid shots.

Cloud 9 Studios, renowned for its distinctive approach to children and family photography, specializes in capturing the vibrant and spontaneous moments that define family life. With a particular focus on baby's first birthday portraits, themed childhood portraits, and milestones, the studio ensures a comprehensive service that invites families to create lasting relationships, making Cloud 9 Studios their photography studio for life. Led by Jeanine McLeod, who brings over two decades of professional photography experience, each session is carefully tailored to reflect the unique dynamics and personality of every child and family. From the colorful chaos of a First Birthday cake smash to the magic of a Wizarding Themed Session, and all the joyous celebrations for the Holidays, Jeanine's deep understanding of child behavior and expertise in photography and themed set design, not only make the sessions enjoyable but also produce portraits that become cherished family treasures.


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