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Micha Seal: Diving into Water Safety - Watermelon Swim's Legacy of Swimming Lessons and the Expansion of Sweet Peas Gymnastics

May 09, 20242 min read

When my own toes first tentatively touched the cool waters of a swimming pool under the watchful eye of a patient instructor, I could never have imagined the profound impact that moment would have on my life. Now, I relive that pivotal experience through the lens of Micha Seal, CEO of Watermelon Swim, as she narrates the evolution of their swim school from a backyard haven to a beacon of water safety in the Tampa Bay community. On the Good Neighbor Podcast, we celebrate National Water Safety Month with an invigorating look into Watermelon Swim's forty-year commitment to equipping children with the skills to navigate the waters safely and confidently. Micah's inspiring narrative reveals how a family's love for swimming has rippled through generations, creating a legacy of lifesaving education and a future of buoyant dreams.

In the gentle wake of personal anecdotes, we're reminded of the importance of unwavering vigilance and the early introduction of swim lessons, echoing a sentiment shared by Shaq Barrett and his Arrayah Hope Foundation. Our conversation further explores how Micah's dedication to inclusivity within Watermelon Swim embraces students of all ages, ensuring no one is left behind. As the discussion flows into the broader currents of high-profile sporting events and the significance of consistent practice, we also glimpse the entrepreneurial spirit that propels Watermelon Swim's expansion and the birth of Sweet Peas Gymnastics. Join us as we navigate the delicate interplay of nurturing a family business while anchoring a community in the vital knowledge of water safety.

Watermelon Swim is a year-round learn to swim business that teaches swimming, safety, and survival from birth through adults. Watermelon Swim’s mission is to grow a community full of safer swimmers and reduce the risks while increasing confidence in and around water.

Always keeping our Core Values at the forefront (Family First, Integrity, Celebration, Passion and Extraordinary results, Watermelon swim offers free Water Baby classes for infants 0-5 months old. These classes are a great way to introduce parents and infants to the water while educating them on the importance of early and continuous swim lessons. Children under four years of age are the most at risk for drowning – formal and continuous swim lessons reduce the risk of drowning by 88%. Providing parents a low-risk way to dip their toes in swim lessons greatly helps to educate the community on the importance of starting swim lessons young and continuing them to develop strong, confident, and safer swimmers for life.  Watermelon Swim also offers scholarships to children with disabilities who require private lessons but cannot afford private tuition. It is vital to Watermelon Swim that every child has the opportunity to learn to swim regardless of ability. 


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