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Tom McNish: Cultivating a Lawn Care Legacy - From Michigan Roots to Your Green Team's Flourishing Expansion in Florida

Tom McNish: Cultivating a Lawn Care Legacy - From Michigan Roots to Your Green Team's Flourishing Expansion in Florida

June 01, 20242 min read

Ever wondered how a simple mowing service could transform into a leading lawn care enterprise? Join us on the Good Neighbor Podcast as we sit down with Tom McNish, the district manager for Your Green Team. Tom takes us through the fascinating growth story of his company, which started in 2008 and has since expanded to serve 10,000 customers across multiple counties in Florida, including Orlando. Learn about the evolution of their services—from mowing to comprehensive care like fertilization, pest control, and irrigation system repairs—and how Tom's move from Michigan to Florida shaped his approach to landscaping.

Not all lawn care services are created equal. In our conversation, we debunk common misconceptions in the landscaping industry and discuss how Your Green Team sets itself apart with personalized customer relationships and consistent crews. Tom also provides a sneak peek into future plans for the company, including new services such as termite control and pet waste disposal. We even get to know Tom a bit better as he shares his favorite beach spots and how he balances his personal and professional life.

Finally, we wrap things up with a heartfelt exchange of gratitude between Tom and Mike, highlighting the positive impact of the Good Neighbor Podcast on local communities. Tom expresses his appreciation for the platform that allows him to share his story, emphasizing the importance of supporting local businesses and nurturing community spirit. Mike encourages listeners to nominate their favorite businesses for future episodes, reinforcing our mission to celebrate local heroes and foster a sense of togetherness. Don't miss this engaging episode filled with entrepreneurial insights and community-focused discussions!

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